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Welcome to Sniff & Barkens


Our line of pain-relieving oils and creams are created with the utmost concern for quality – from farm to bottle.

Formulated from high-quality CBD derived from hemp that’s organically grown in the United States, you can rely on Sniff & Barkens for consistency, purity, and accuracy in labeling.


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The Sniff & Barkens Difference


Hemp-derived CBD is revolutionizing effective treatments for dogs for ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, and anxiety. At Sniff & Barkens, we’ve seen the positive effects of CBD firsthand for our furry family members who have found relief in cannabinoid supplements.

But in an unregulated market, it can be hard to know if you can believe what’s listed on a label. That’s why we created superior CBD-rich products you can trust and purchase with confidence.


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Treat chronic ailments. Provide relief from anxiety. Promote well-being for your pet. With our Premium Hemp CBD Pet Oil, your pet can experience the same benefits of CBD that you enjoy in an unflavored oil that you can add to your pet’s food or water, or provide orally.

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Provide systemic support for your pet. With our Premium Hemp CBD Pet Cream, your pet can experience the same transdermal benefits of CBD that you enjoy in our topical cream.



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Customer Testimonials

What our customers say about us?

I’m not sure what this hemp extract oil is doing for my 16 1/2 year old dog but she went from being on her death bed, no energy, vomiting for 3 days, me thinking it was over to this. I walked her a mile last night at sunset after the first single dose of your oil…  I haven’t seen her with this much enthusiasm and energy and pep in years.
I’m just floored and amazed by this.  This pet hemp extract oil is magic.  I wish I would’ve found this sooner. 

Thank you!

Tracy / Customer

There aren’t words to describe how wonderful this product is other than life saver. We have a border collie mix who has experienced some traumatic events that have caused her anxiety level to rise to the point where we’ve considered putting her on medication.

When we came across this product, we were slightly skeptical just because there are so many products like this on the market today, but we’d heard testimonies of how great it is and decided to try it. Two weeks later my dog started playing with toys again (something we haven’t really seen in years), having more confidence, not being so terrified of thunderstorms, and she was just all around different in such a positive way. We were sold! About a month later, our husky had a seizure. He’s had them before but being a relatively recent rescue, we haven’t figured out his triggers yet.

This one was bad- full convulsions, gritted teeth, drooling, the whole nine yards. We immediately reached for the Sniff & Barkens oil and managed to wedge the dropper between his teeth. Within literally five seconds, he was awake, aware, and seizure free! We have NEVER come across a more effective, pure, and just all around awesome product. We even used it on a dog we were dog sitting when we had an epileptic seizure and it did the same thing! From now on, we will always have this product in our home. Thank you guys for making something so wonderful! We are forever grateful and relieved for how well it has changed our pups.

kKaitlin.sheppard14 / November 9, 2017

As a Holistic Veterinarian, we have tried a number of Hemp products in our practice. The WAAYB pet product has been extremely helpful in the management of problems like arthritis, seizures, digestive issues, and anxiety in our patients. The product is both affordable and easy to administer. Highly recommended!

Neal Sivula (verified owner) / – December 20, 2017

As a veterinarian, I try to use natural, non-toxic therapeutics as much as I can as an alternative to medications, especially for issues like epilepsy, anxiety and arthritis. I have used and prescribed a variety of different CBD formulations in the past from different supplier — but I can say in complete honesty that the Sniff & Barkens CBD oil is the one that clients return for and continue to ask for refills. I can’t keep it on the shelves at my veterinary clinic.

I have only had excellent interactions with the folks who run the company and I completely trust them and their integrity — with so many other products on the market, I feel lucky that I have found Sniff & Barkens and will continue to prescribe their CBD for my patients in complete confidence.

Carrie Donahue, DVM (verified owner) / September 24, 2018

We use it for our 10 year old Akita who suffers with arthritis, it helps with the pain management and inflammation. We avoid using the harsher prescribed medications. It keeps him relaxed and with more mobility.

pattonw (verified owner) / September 7, 2018

This product has helped my 13 year old lab mix Harley. I saw a difference within 24 hours. But waited to write my review until he had a couple weeks on it. He is more mobile, less anxious and has his ol puppy spunk back.

He actually ran for a toy the other day. He has more longevity on his walks. A lady even comented the other day that he has a bounce in his step. He hasn’t had that for a few years but he got it back with this cbd oil. Makes my heart happy to help him live his last few years more comfortably.

The price of the pharmaceuticals for pain, allergy and anxiety was eating a large chunk of my paycheck. This product has cut that cost. Its a win/win for our family.

Veronica Bilby (verified owner) / October 2, 2018

I use this product all the time on my patients. It is amazing for dealing with inflammation and pain. I highly recommend this oil to help treat arthritis or any other inflammatory condition. I have tried other brands, and this brand is head and shoulders above the others for potency and efficacy.

Dr. Erika Halle, DVM (verified owner) / February 20, 2019

Sniff & Barkens organics helped our 15 year old border collie live his life pain free. Thank you Sniff & Barkens for producing a clean hemp product to elevate canine arthritis. Modibo took your product daily for over 2 years and worked sheep until the day before he passed. We celebrate you.

Edie / February 28, 2019

Duchess, an American Cocker, began having seizures with vomiting around 2 years of age every 5-6 months. We tried everything. After extensive tests and other treatment My vet recommended a holistic approach. She recommended WAAYB Organic oil. Duchess has not had a seizure in over 10 months! Duchess will remind you that she needs her “medicine” if you forget! So far, we have had great results.

Donna / March 6, 2019
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