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Cannabis Products and Dogs

The veterinary market is inundated with cannabis products, but do they work? A pilot clinical trial looks at this modality’s effectiveness for canine pain relief. The laws surrounding the use of cannabis products in veterinary medicine continue to evolve. Yet, despite ongoing legal restrictions and uncertainties, many pet owners are turning to cannabis products to help improve […]

Medical Cannabis as for Animals

CBD for Pets

There are many issues involved in the consideration of cannabis as medicine, including regulation, product selection and safety. Cannabis and marijuana are the common names for Cannabis sativa. This annual flowering herb has a long history of being used as a recreational drug as well as for hemp fiber and oils. It also has a […]

Healthy Homemade Cupcakes to Celebrate Your Canine’s Birthday

Bella always got compliments wherever we went. She had long, collie/shepherd fur flecked with gold, red and gray tones that glistened as she played with the waves on the beach or showed off her tricks for the neighborhood children. I started to see the problems about six months before she needed full-time help walking. Her spirit was willing, but her spinal degeneration was rendering her back legs weaker and weaker in a relentless march toward immobility, much like the way Multiple Sclerosis can progress in some people.