Loyal Dog Waits Over Two Weeks On Doorstep For Murdered Owner’s Return

Loyal Dog Waits Over Two Weeks On Doorstep For Murdered Owner’s Return

This week, one sad German Shepherd is making headlines for his undying loyalty.

This dog’s owner, Hatem Abuharbid, was tragically killed at a convenience store in North Houston, TX on February 7th.

While the man’s family mourned his death, no one seemed to realize that he left a very special friend behind.

For more than two weeks, the dog roamed around his late owner’s apartment complex searching for a familiar face. Neighbors witnessed him at the front gates stopping cars every day, looking and searching.

“He would follow the cars, and then when he would realize that maybe it’s not his owner’s car, he would just stand there and look, helpless,” Cassandra Eubanks, neighborhood resident recently told KTRK News.

Most of the time, he would be standing on the stoop in front of his owner’s door, patiently hoping that he would come back.

Maranda Perez, animal lover and apartment complex resident, decided to make it her mission to rescue the confused pup. “It just broke my heart to hear that the poor animal lost his owner, his best friend.”

After several days, and with the help of her own dog, Perez was able to gain the trust of the scared German Shepherd.

Eventually, Perez was able to get a leash around his neck and lead him to her car.

According to KTRK News, Perez has agreed to foster the lonely German Shepherd for a week to get him back on his feet. Here he is settling in to his new foster home:

UPDATE: That sad shepherd in my story tonight is doing just fine! WATCH THIS —> https://t.co/39Ze83Qgg8 pic.twitter.com/MPRCroNZlJ

— Foti Kallergis (@FotiKallergis) February 23, 2016

While the news station is receiving a flood of adoption requests for the lonely dog, his former owner’s brother expressed interest in taking him home.

Good luck, loyal friend!