Golfer Jason Days’ Dachshunds Are Part of the Family

Golfer Jason Days’ Dachshunds Are Part of the Family

by Nina Trasoff

Two is an important number in champion golfer Jason Day’s life: he was the #2 ranked golfer in the world going into the 2016-2017 season, though he hopes to return to the #1 position he held last year soon; he has two kids he adores, four-year-old Dash and one-year-old Lucy; and two Dachshunds, Lola and Charlie, are an integral part of his life.

Of course, the steady #1 in his life is wife Ellie, who shared a few thoughts with Sniff & Barkens about their two Dachshunds.

“I grew up with a Dachshund and always loved the breed. When Lola became part of the family in 2008, we were in our first year on tour and we thought a little dog would be easy to travel with. When we went to the breeder’s house, we only planned to look, but of course we came home with little Lola that night. One year later, Charlie joined us.

“We have dogs because they are awesome companions. They are fiercely loyal and so much fun. Before we had kids they felt like our kids, and now that we have kids they are a sweet part of our family. Our kids adore our dogs, and the dogs have grown to love our kids, which is really something because they never liked kids before ours!

“We traveled with the dogs part time from 2008-2011. It was nice to have them on the road because no matter how bad a day Jason had, dogs are ALWAYS happy to see you.

“In 2010 we got an RV that we traveled in, which made it easier to have them with us. Sometimes, though, we had to park the RV in places where there was no grass, or there was no fenced area to take them. They aren’t the most obedient dogs so we were nervous they would run away after a squirrel or anything else they saw.

“We are super fortunate that my mom can keep our dogs when we are out of town. She lives in the country and has two dachshunds of her own, so they all hang out together when we are gone. They LOVE it there. It is so funny to see the four of them play together.

“Now Lola and Charlie get the best of both worlds. They get to be home with us when we are home, and home with their friends and other doggie parents that love them when we are gone!

Golfer Jason Days’ Dachshunds Are Part of the Family

“When we are home they settle right back in with us and our routine. They have both relaxed over the years, but they still bark like crazy at anyone who comes to the house. Other than that they just go with the flow.

“When we get home they come running in the house like little crazies. They skid all over the wood floor and jump all over us with excitement. It is pretty sweet.”