Rescued Dog Named after Quarterback Tom Brady Is Just as Athletic

by Amy Robinson
Sniff & Barkens Dog Expert

Sally Fish knows what a pro athlete looks like. At two years of age, her son Mardy Fish could hit a tennis ball from the baseline over the net. He turned professional at 18 and ranked number one in the U.S. in 2011 before retiring in 2015. So when Sally first laid eyes on “Brady,” an English Setter in need of rescue, she knew she was looking at something special. 

“He was at my veterinarian’s office because his owner could no longer care for him,” Sally told Sniff & Barkens. “He just looked at me and seemed to ask me to take him home. I went in to buy dog food, and came out with a dog.” Sally and her husband Tom had just said a sad goodbye to their elderly dachshund and had room in their home, and in their hearts, for the racy English Setter. “He was named for Tom Brady because of his good looks and athleticism.” 

Brady is the couple’s first large dog; taking the role of the athletic and fit big brother to his older and slightly rounder little sister, Cali, an 11-year-old Dachshund. “I had wanted a larger dog to round out our family, but Brady forgets he is not Cali’s size and will jump right up into our laps when he wants some love.”

At the dog park, Brady can show off the moves that a certain Superbowl MVP is known for. “He is so smooth and swift when he runs. He’s beautiful to watch,” says Sally. Brady briefly greets his park mates and then takes off like a sleek jet, cruising over the ground with his tail a feathered flag behind him. Tom smiles and watches Brady like a proud father. “Now that’s a real dog.”