Five Fun (and Free) Gifts for Your Dog This Holiday

Five Fun (and Free) Gifts for Your Dog This Holiday

by Kristyn Stauffer
Sniff & Barkens Intern

It’s the holiday season: a time for spreading love with the people in your life whom you hold dear. For many dog owners, furry friends are included on that list. While a store-bought gift for your precious pup is nice, nothing beats quality time and one-on-one activity. To kick off the month of cheer, we’ve prepared a list of fun and free things to do with your forever friend that you’ll both enjoy.

Get moving. Bundle up and head outside for a blood-pumping game of Frisbee with your buddy. It’s fun, affordable, and best of all—it’s great exercise for both of you.

Go farther. Venture farther than your yard, and take a scenic trip to the dog park. Your pal will love the outdoors, and you will both be refreshed. Bring a favorite toy for added fun.

Dance together. Raining outside? Stay inside and keep your dog busy with some freestyle dance. There are many benefits to dancing with your dog, including reducing their anxiety and keeping their brain active. And of course, any bonding activity with your dog will strengthen your relationship with them.

Stay calm. Sadly, dogs can get stressed and overworked just like the rest of us. Help your buddy—and yourself—by giving her or him a gentle massage. This quality time not only lowers stress for your dog, but also helps you relax, too. And the better you know your dog’s body, the better you will know when something is wrong.

Act like kids. It’s the best time of the year. Snow may be falling by the inches, but before you hole up inside with a movie and a cup of hot chocolate, take some time to play in the snow with your best friend. You’ll feel like a kid again, and your pup will have a blast. When you get inside again, treat your smelly, wet dog to a warm, sudsy bath.

Happy holidays from Sniff & Barkens! Have fun and remember: material things are useful and even enjoyable, but time spent with loved ones is priceless.