The Barkery is Seattle’s First Food Truck for Dogs

The Barkery is Seattle’s First Food Truck for Dogs

Food trucks are all the craze. What’s better than stumbling upon a truck filled with delicious, handmade treats?

One Seattle food truck is finding success catering to a different type of customer.

The Seattle Barkery is the latest addition to the local food truck scene. It’s mobile, all natural and specializes in…. canine cuisine!

The truck is run by co-creators and dog lovers Ben and Dawn Ford. Their adorable blue doggie food truck stops at local dog parks and welcome all customers (both two-legged and four).

The Seattle Barkery started out small. Founder and head chef, Dawn, saw a need for a different type of dog treat. “There were a lot of recalls on dog treats, grocery store brands especially, and I didn’t feel safe not knowing what treats I could use.  I started making my own treats and the dogs started loving them.”

The Seattle Barkery carries a wide array of dog-friendly treats including flavored donuts, bagels, pretzels and even ice cream!

The best part? While you dog munches on their treat, you can enjoy a specialty coffee and pastry.

The Fords are animal lovers at heart. They put out a tip jar, but want people to understand that the tips don’t go to the humans working the truck.  They actually donate the tips to the Old Dog Haven, a Seattle-based organization that cares for unadoptable senior dogs.

Drooling over The Seattle Barkery yet? Check out their Facebook page for photos and daily schedule updates!