Take a Look Inside of America’s First Dog Cafe

Take a Look Inside of America’s First Dog Cafe

America’s first dog café is a coffee shop that lets customers cuddle with adorable rescue dogs!


Customers can order a coffee, tea or lemonade in the café and then play with dogs in the lounge next door.



The café’s owner, Sarah Wolfgang, grew up visiting dog cafes in Korea. But after learning that most of the Korean dog cafés sourced their canines from puppy mills and breeders, she decided that she could do better.


She moved to Los Angeles with the idea of opening an improved dog café that incorporates dog rescue and adoption into its business model.

According to the café’s website, Wolfgang’s dog café in L.A. focuses on “rescuing dogs who have been at the shelter the longest due to health or behavioral issues and are at the highest risk of being euthanized.”


The way it works: a $10 entrance fee gets you into a room to play with dogs for 55 minutes, as well as a beverage from the attached cafe next door.

The dogs come from the South L.A. Animal Shelter and are also adoptable, with the proceeds going to cover food and medical cost for each pup.

“A lot of times, the only way people can go through dog adoption is to go to a shelter,” Wolfgang tells Southern California Public Radio, “and dogs don’t have the opportunity to show adopters their true selves.”

The Dog Café allows potential adopters the chance to get to know each dog before bringing one home.

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