Pictures of a Dog Abandoned on Second Story Porch Will Leave You in Tears

Meet Ali. Ali is a 9-year-old Chow-Husky mix who was abandoned on a second story porch when his owner went to jail.

A friend was stopping by to feed him, but on April 4th, she made it clear that she no longer wanted to take care of the sad, elderly dog.

The Backyard Dog Project, a rescue organization that aims to improve the lives of outdoor dogs in Ohio’s Clark, Champaign and Union counties, was the first crew at the scene. With the permission of the building’s landlord, volunteer Kristin Crankshaw entered the apartment to remove Ali. What she found was truly disturbing.

“It appeared that food had just been thrown in and there was no water,” The Backyard Dog Project’s Facebook page reads. “It was evident from the level of feces on the floor and urine on the wall that Ali had not been outside the apartment for an extended period of time.”

“Not knowing the dog, we were a little bit nervous at first,” Crankshaw told The Dodo. “The door to the patio was locked and I was like, ‘Okay, are you ready for this?'” She continued, “I opened it up. There was another screen door. He jumped up on the screen door and was looking at us. When I opened it up, he literally grabbed ahold of me and my friend Nancy.”

“It felt like he was hugging us.”

We were laughing here because he grabbed on to us and it literally felt like he was hugging us and he didn’t want to let go!

Posted by The Backyard Dog Project on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Despite being abandoned for three weeks, Ali appeared to be in good shape.

LOL! Nancy had a “dog wagon” for a day!

Posted by The Backyard Dog Project on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

After being removed from the porch, he was finally free.

Ali is currently being held at the Clark County Humane Society. Once he is legally cleared, The Backyard Dog Project will find him a loving forever home!

For more information on Ali, check out The Backyard Project’s website.

h/t: the dodo