High Speed Chihuahua Chase Leaves Officers Dog Tired

This week, one small dog led officers on a hilarious high speed chase over the California Bay Bridge before being taken into custody.

On Sunday, April 3rd, California Highway Patrol officers got wind that the small, black Chihuahua was running loose on the famous bridge between San Francisco and Oakland.

The dog, who clearly enjoyed that he was being pursued, stopped to tease the officers every chance he could get.

It took three units – two officers on motorcycles and one car – to corral the law-breaking canine.

After a couple of hours (and some great dashcam videos!), the officers were able to safety capture the dog and transport him to San Francisco Animal Care.

The dog, whose family has yet to be identified, has been named “Ponch” after the CHP officer Frank Poncherello played by Erik Estrada in the classic TV series CHiPs.

In an update video posted on Monday, SF Animal Care shows Ponch warming up to the animal shelter’s training staff.

According to SF Animal Care, Ponch’s family is “still MIA.”