Buddy the Dog Loses Battle With Cancer, Needs Help Completing Last Item On Bucket List

A dog who touched thousands of people around the world is asking for help completing the last item on his bucket list.

Buddy was an adorable Blue Heeler who, after living a long life filled with love, was diagnosed with severe Lymphoma and given just two weeks to life.

With the help of his owners, Buddy set out to complete a bucket list during his final days.

Buddy’s story went viral and was shared with thousands of people across the globe. Unfortunately, this week, his sweet story came to a gentle end.

On Monday, Buddy’s owner noticed that his health began to rapidly decline. “I had my hopes up that it was okay, and then he limped over to the bed, and I knew it wasn’t great,” his owner Emily told Mashable Australia.

Emily took Buddy to the vet who confirmed her fear. Buddy had just hours to live.

She brought him home and decided to fill his last hours with love. “He had a pretty good night. He had steak, both for dinner and breakfast, and had bacon as well,” Emily told Mashable. “We just sat there all night playing ball and tug, with lots of cuddles, making the most of it. Then on Wednesday morning, he was put to sleep.”

Unfortunately, earlier this week Buddy started making his steep decline. On Tuesday afternoon he started limping and we…

Posted by Buddy’s Bucket List on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

When Buddy was first diagnosed, he was given four to six weeks to live. He outlived that, thriving nine weeks after diagnosis.

Because of Buddy’s bucket list, he did more in his final days than most humans do in a lifetime. He went sailing, played on the beach, enjoyed spa days, and ate tons of steak.

In the end, Buddy checked off every item on his list except one: help other animals in need.

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Posted by Buddy’s Bucket List on Monday, March 28, 2016

His owner, Emily, is doing her best to fulfill Buddy’s dreams after his death, but she needs your help.

According to Mashable, all of Buddy’s toys will be donated to shelters, and the money raised from Buddy’s bucket list will be donated to the Australian RSPCA.

To honor his dying wish, take the time to donate to your local animal shelter today in Buddy’s name.

“It’s really cool, we’ve started a trend of helping others,” Emily said. “Even though it’s a horrible thing that’s happened, and no one likes it, it can at least go out on a happy note.”