Georgia’s State Dog Is ‘Adoptable’!

This week, Georgia state lawmakers approved legislation naming the “adoptable dog” as the official state dog!

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While passing the bill, Senator Burt Jones said that the new legislation was designed to thank Georgia’s many animal shelter staff and volunteers.

For the first time, Georgia residents can show state pride by adopting a dog from their local pound.

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Rather than giving the honor to a specific breed—which would inevitably cause residents to rush out and buy that breed on a whim, the bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Joe Wilkinson, chose “the adoptable dog” to recognize the thousands of animals in Georgia’s shelters who are waiting for homes.

While most of the state is excited by this choice, some are stuck in their ways. Senator Bill Health said that having a dog of an unknown breed as the official state canine was a “disgrace.”

Senator Ellis Black agreed with Health’s statement and was against bestowing the state honor “on a dog from a pound.”

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“Georgia was founded as a colony to give people a second chance at life,” said State Rep Wilkinson. “That’s exactly what we’re trying to do with these adoptable animals. Give them a second chance.”

We support you, Georgia!