High School Class Builds Hundreds of Dog Houses for Needy Pets

High School students in Jacksonville, Florida, are learning a lesson in compassion by building hundreds of dog houses for pets in need.

It all started in 2002 when Barry Stewart, an animal lover and shop teacher at Englewood High School, heard about Forsyth County’s Houses for Hounds program.

The program partners with animal welfare groups to give free dog houses to low-income residents.

Not only is this project saving hundreds of animals, but it has worked amazingly well as a teaching tool. Participating students have gained valuable skills in construction and innovation.

Before starting the building process, students designed a plan to move the dog house doorways from the center to the side to protect against wind. They also added two-inch entryways to prevent pets from removing their beds, and created removable roofs so feral cat caretakers could take kittens in for spaying and neutering before returning them to their families.

Since Mr. Stewart began assigning the project, his students have built and donated more than 600 doghouses and 110 feral cat homes.

Thanks to Mr. Stewart and his class of hardworking students, Florida community members will have the chance to better protect their pets from the elements!

h/t dogtime