7 Cool Ways You Can Get Paid To Work With Dogs

7 Cool Ways You Can Get Paid To Work With Dogs

Just face it: your life revolves around dogs. From the minute you wake up in the morning to the moment you fall asleep, you think about cuddling them, kissing them, feeding them, brushing them….

Well, now you can. All. Day. Long. Check out our list of 7 cool ways that you can get paid be a dog lover:


1) Dog Walker


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Dog walkers have the best job! They get to form professional relationships, explore the outdoors and build a successful business – all while walking dogs! In addition to walking clients’ dogs each and every day, dog walkers are also often in charge of monitoring food, water, medications and additional exercise.


2) Therapy Dog Handlers



Therapy dog handlers experience the best of both worlds; they get to work with both people and dogs. Therapy dogs visit schools, offices and hospitals, and as a therapy dog handler, so do you! This job is designed for someone with good social skills and an incredibly big heart.


3) Pet Photographer


Pet photographers are compassionate, both in front of and behind the camera lens. They see past each pet’s appearance and capture their true essence. To be a pet photographer, one must have good camera skills, an artistic eye, and a good understanding of basic dog obedience.


4) Doggie Daycare Handler


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Raise your hand if you want to play with puppies! As a dog handler, you are in charge of monitoring the safety and well-being of client’s dogs in a group setting. Don’t worry, you will learn plenty of dog handling skills in order become the leader of your pack. Just remember: while there is plenty of fun involved, this job demands a lot of physical work and patience.


5) Service Dog Trainer


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Service dog trainers have an extremely well-respected and honorable job. They get to use their skills to train, educate, and match dogs with people with disabilities. While the job can be tough, it is extremely rewarding. Service dog trainers touch lives, one obedient dog at a time.


6) Dog Groomer


A professional dog groomer keeps our beloved friends looking (and smelling) great! They are wizards with the scissors and can create stunning doggie-dos. Much more, dog groomers can be an important member of a pet’s healthcare team by discovering potential problems – like ear infections, skin abnormalities or tooth decay— before your vet.


7) Animal Shelter Staff



Animal shelter staff devotes their life to helping dogs in need. They walk, bathe, train, clean up after and love rescue dogs like they are their own pets. While this job may pay the least, it is by far the most rewarding.