5 Products For The Eco-Friendly Dog Lover

Go green, stay stylish. Your earth dog will love these organic, vegan, recycled & eco-friendly products!

Handmade Hemp Collars

Forget the leather and check out these handmade hemp dog collars. They come in a variety of sizes, styles & colors!

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Pictured above: stack of hemp collars by Earth Dog

Fur-Free Fluffy Animals

Fluffy toys are fun. But did you know that some are made with real animal fur? Next time, ditch the real thing and opt for the cruelty-free version instead!

Pictured above: plush dog ball by Fluff & Tuff

Synthetic Jackets & Coats
This winter, stay far away from wool and down. Keep your pup warm with a jacket made of polar fleece, polyester or nylon.

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Pictured above: polyester jacket by BraveHound

Recycled Pet Beds

Let your dog rest on non-toxic eco-bedding! Made with IntelliLoft fabric created from recycled plastic soda bottles and 61 percent recycled batting, these recycled beds come in an array of colors and sizes to suit your dog’s personal sleeping style.

Pictured above: recycled dog bed by West Paw Design

Human-Grade Pet Food

Not all dog foods are manufactured equally. Did you know that some supermarket dog foods test their products on animals? Did you know that they could be filled with ingredients treated with synthetic pesticides, insecticides, hormones or antibiotics? Next time you go to the grocery store to pick up your dog’s food, think twice. Try an organic brand that only uses human-grade foods.

Pictured above: dehydrated dog food by The Honest Kitchen