5 Thank-You Gifts That Your Pet Sitter Will Love

5 Thank-You Gifts That Your Pet Sitter Will Love

Great Thank-you Gifts for your Pet Sitter

To honor those who provide our dogs with a home-away-from-home, here are 5 thank-you gifts that every pet sitter or dog walker will love!

1) Hire a cleaning service

While your pet sitter opens up their heart to your beloved dogs, they also open up their car and home to your dogs’ poop, fur and drool. Next time you want to give your pet sitter an extra special “thank-you,” buy them a gift card to a local car wash or arrange for a cleaning service to visit their house.

2) An afternoon at the spa

Pet sitting is fun, but it’s also time consuming and physically demanding. To honor your favorite pet sitter, send them to the spa for a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage. On a tight budget? Put together your own at-home spa kit! Don’t forget to include the bubble bath, loofa, and face mask.

3) Dog supplies

This practical gift may seem a bit boring, but it will definitely come in handy and save them a lot of money. Pet sitters often come prepared with their own assortment of supplies: poop bags, leashes, treats and toys. Anything that your sitter may use on a regular basis can serve as a great thank-you surprise.

4) Homemade treats or a bottle of wine

When saying thank-you to a pet sitter who happens to be a friend, family member or neighbor, opt for a gift that cheap and sweet! Bake them cookies, treat them to their favorite meal, or pick up a bottle of their favorite wine.

5) Cash

While those who gift cash are often perceived as thoughtless and lazy, professional pet sitters often rely on their job as a main source of income. Cash helps your pet sitter pay their rent and put food on the table. Worried that cash is too impersonal? Stick it inside of a home-made card or gift basket!