#AskAmyRobinson – My Yorkie gets car sick and we have a long trip coming up!

#AskAmyRobinson - My Yorkie gets car sick and we have a long trip coming up!

Amy’s answer:

That can be tough, since you want to take your fur baby with you on adventures. I’d start by treating the behavioral side of this problem as well as the physical. Think about it: if your dog only gets in the car to go to the vet or groomer, then he associates the ride with stress, even if it is only minor stress. So, plan a very short trip to a local park. Take her when her tummy is empty, like before her dinnertime or even early AM before breakfast. Plan on staying 20 to 30 minutes and heading home. Try again the next day and this time, pick a shopping area outdoors where you can stroll and meet some friendly people. A pet supply store works, too, since the smells are awesome and he’ll likely get lots of positive attention.

You might also invest in a car seat that would lift him up to window level, where he be safely tethered to a harness and have the ability to see out. On cruise ships, people who get seasick are advised to look at the horizon line to stabilize their equilibrium, and the same vista can help your dog. You can try herbal or homeopathic remedies, which you would want to start a day or two before your trip, or ask your vet for something stronger. Happy travels!


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