Amazing Veterinarian Shares Breakfast With Neglected Pit Bull

Posted by Granite Hills Animal Care on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dr. Andy Mathis of Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, made headlines this week for going above and beyond duty in order to comfort a very sick Pit Bull mix named Graysie.

On Saturday, February 13th, the seasoned veterinarian shared a clip to Granite Hills’ Facebook page showing just how devoted he truly is.

In the video, Mathis is seen sitting in a dog kennel with terrified Graysie while the two share a nutritious and delicious breakfast.

Moments after Mathis uploaded the adorable video, it went viral. “Wow! I take a nap for an hour or so, come back and Graysie’s video is being shared with lots of views,” he wrote on Granite Hills’ Facebook page later that day.

The video is But there is much more to Graysie’s story:

When a concerned pedestrian found an emaciated, dehydrated, hypothermic, and anemic dog with a severe case of vaginal prolapse wandering alone on a dirt road, she knew exactly who to call.

While Dr. Andy Mathis is not an animal control rescue worker, he is a hard-working veterinarian at Granite Hills Animal Care.

When Graysie arrived the the care center on the night of January 29th, Mathis’ first instinct was to put her to sleep so that she could finally rest peacefully.

“Practical Me says I should put her to sleep,” he wrote on Granite Hills’ Facebook page, “but Veterinarian Me wants to try and give her a chance.”

And that’s just what he did!

Because she needed more help than Mathis could provide, he immediately rushed her to Emergency Care at the local University. There, doctors were able to get her temperature up, rehydrate her, and temporarily reduce her prolapse via emergency surgery.

I just heard from the UGA teaching hospital. Graycie’s bill for all her care from Friday night to Sunday night came to…

Posted by Granite Hills Animal Care on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

While Graysie’s care was extremely pricey, Mathis knew he did the right thing when she woke up from her surgery and began her journey to recovery.

Graycie is waking up from surgery. everything is fine, more about her later.

Posted by Granite Hills Animal Care on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snoozing under a heat lamp.

Posted by Granite Hills Animal Care on Monday, February 1, 2016

Emergency Care was able to stabilize Graysie, and by Sunday, January 31st, she was ready to return to Granite Hills with Dr. Mathis.

Over the next few days, Mathis and his devoted team worked around-the-clock to ensure that Graysie was recovering. Slowly, she began to relax and her condition improved.

The only problem that remained? Graysie’s didn’t like her food. According to Dr. Mathis, Graysie would eat a little bit, but “not so comfortably.”

That’s when Mathis had the incredible and touching idea of bonding with her over a special meal. Today, Graysie’s video is been viewed over six million times! And after a bit more encouragement, she is even eating all on her own.

The biggest question this week: Has Graysie found her forever home?

“She has a little ways to go before she is ready to start looking for her family,” Mathis writes in a Facebook update. “She’s got to learn to trust people, walk on a leash, poop outside, figure out if she likes other dogs and cats…there is no rush. She decides how fast, or slow, things progress.”

Thanks to the love and support provided by Mathis and his team, we have no doubts that Graycie will find her perfect family.